Improvement – for greater environ­mental compat­i­bility

We are striving to resolutely reduce paper and cardboard while simul­ta­ne­ously increasing the share of recycled, environ­men­tally compatible grades – in line with our guiding principle of “Certified before non-certified materials”.

On the rise: recycled materials and FSC®-certified materials

We are contin­u­ously saving paper and cardboard and increasing the proportion of recycled and FSC®-certified paper it contains. Since 2013, we have exclu­sively used FSC®-certified cardboard boxes – both for the delivery of products ordered online and for logistics packaging. The packaging in our supply chain is either recycled or FSC®-certified, and the packages in which orders are shipped to end customers consist of 100 % FSC®-certified cardboard. We are using more and more FSC®-certified materials in the packaging of our consumer goods. All plastic elements used in packaging are marked as such and should be disposed of through household recycling. Overall, in 2017 we were able to make sure that 40 percent of our sales packaging was sustainable.

We are also reducing the use of paper in our office and customer commu­ni­ca­tions, and focusing on environ­mental compat­i­bility. For instance, we use paper that is Blue Angel (recycled paper) or FSC®-certified or has been awarded the EU Ecolabel. Since February 2018, our employees have printed exclu­sively on recycled paper at our admin­is­trative sites in Germany. Since 2012 we have printed our magazines and catalogues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland exclu­sively on FSC®-certified paper. The inter­na­tional business units in the Czech Republic and Slovakia followed in 2013, and Turkey, Poland and Hungary in 2014.