Social commitment: shoul­dering social respon­si­bility, together

As a family-owned company and an active member of society, we feel it is a matter of course to take respon­si­bility beyond the bound­aries of our own business activ­ities. This includes supporting non-profit organ­i­sa­tions and promoting our employees’ volunteer efforts, so that together, we make a positive contri­bution to societal devel­opment.

Integration of displaced persons

As a globally operating company, we are partic­u­larly concerned with making an active contri­bution to refugee aid and helping to integrate and employ displaced persons. Employment and a quick start into the working world are partic­u­larly important for this: Since 2015, we have therefore been providing targeted commercial and indus­trial intern­ships and training positions for displaced persons. By the end of 2017, we were able to give intern­ships to twelve displaced persons and ended up hiring two of them as employees. In 2016, one intern also partic­i­pated in the ‘Appren­ticeship Prepa­ration for Migrants’ program.
To support our efforts, in mid-2016 we joined the German business sector’s integration initiative ‘Wir zusammen’ (‘We, together’), which promotes the integration of refugees into business and society. 

Besides offering employment options, we are personally involved through our corporate volun­teering programme, which enables employees to take action for displaced persons and others in need, during working hours. 

Employees get involved (Corporate Volun­teering)

Since 2016, Tchibo has teamed up with the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg’s social services company, ‘f & w fördern und wohnen AöR’, and the ‘Gute Tat’ (‘Good Deed’) Foundation to organise regular corporate volun­teering opera­tions at social insti­tu­tions in Hamburg. In March and September 2017, parties were hosted for the children of displaced persons at a prelim­inary reception centre in Hamburg. Together with the Tchibo staff, the children painted, did crafts and played, and even our CEO was actively involved. Beyond the company-wide activ­ities, individual depart­ments devoted their team days to corporate volun­teering, e.g. at a soup kitchen for the homeless. 

Our corporate volun­teering efforts will be continued and extended to other target groups in 2018.

Support for those in need

We support displaced persons and other people in need by making useful in-kind donations to recog­nized aid organi­za­tions in our sales terri­tories Germany, Austria and Turkey.  In 2017, goods including coffee, tea, chocolate drinks and consumer goods worth € 115,000 were donated in this context. 

In addition, Tchibo has cooperated with Tafel Deutschland e. V. , Germany’s federal associ­ation of food banks, since 2016. The ‘Tchibo Christmas Miracles’ in 2016 and 2017 made it possible for nearly 520,000 Tchibo gift packages containing winter clothing, practical household items, children's toys, and coffee to be given to people in need throughout Germany. Tchibo employees were personally involved in the imple­men­tation of these ‘miracles’ as well, taking on approx­i­mately 360 wish-list sponsor­ships for children in need through the Hamburg and Cottbus food banks at Christmas 2017.

In addition to presenting gifts, the ‘Jede Tafel eine gute Tat’ (‘Every bar a good deed’) campaign was carried out in November and December 2017: chocolate bars were sold at all Tchibo shops and online, and 100% of the sales proceeds donated to Tafel Deutschland. The amount raised will go to finance projects and aid for people in need in Germany. The cooper­ation with Tafel Deutschland e. V. will continue in 2018.