A healthy work-life balance

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Every day, our employees meet high require­ments and expec­ta­tions. The basis for their commitment, perfor­mance and hence our company’s success is a working environment that promotes and maintains health and allows everyone to maintain a healthy work-life balance. As a family-owned company, our respon­si­bility lies in providing management methods, processes and support that empower employees to maintain a healthy balance.

In 2015, we estab­lished the HR Balance team and intro­duced the inter­dis­ci­plinary ‘Balance’ project for this purpose. It integrates our occupa­tional health management (OHM) and all other work-life balance activ­ities. We also gave visibility to the activ­ities at the decen­tralised sites in 2017 by publishing the Balance News.

Our occupa­tional health management works to ensure that our employees actively engage in maintaining their health. Besides various occupa­tional health and safety measures, we offer an extensive range of preventive and promo­tional measures for both physical and mental health. They address topics such as nutrition, exercise, relax­ation methods, and a balanced working life. In 2017, we hosted numerous OHM events, including workshops, courses, and ‘Balance’-themed evenings.

We wish to offer our employees an attractive and healthy working environment. This includes regularly checking for ergonom­i­cally correct workstation design and possible sources of stress at the workplace, for example through noise, as well as taking appro­priate optimi­sation measures. As part of our measures to promote health, we also added the topic of ‘healthy and safe leadership’ to our handbook for managers.

For a healthy work-life balance

We are committed to our employees’ health and equilibrium. To better leverage synergies, in 2015 we estab­lished the HR Balance team and intro­duced the inter­dis­ci­plinary ‘Balance’ project, which supports health and work-life balance. In 2017, we offered a lot of activ­ities and infor­mation on the eight Balance core areas of My Family, My Time, My Health, My Sport, My Nutrition, My Culture, My Discounts and Balance at the sites, and worked with a health insurance provider to develop new activ­ities for our employees. 

Our corporate reinte­gration management (CRM) scheme supports employees who have been ill for more than six weeks in a given year with their return to work. We offer them individual, flexible worksta­tions or working hours and also work with them to adapt their tasks as needed. The goal is to quickly and gently settle the employees in again, and make them fit for work again in the long term.

We support our employees with disabil­ities through our Disabil­ities Officer, as well as seminars and offers for dialogue. In the past seven years, we have increased the proportion of our employees with a disability to over six percent of the total workforce.

My Sport

Regular exercise is an important factor for staying mentally and physi­cally fit and creating a healthy balance to workplace stress. We offer our employees a wide range of options, along with financial support. 

Since the end of 2015, for example, we have offered the weekly ‘Active Break’– a short sequence of relax­ation and strength­ening and stretching exercises – at the Hamburg production site as well as in the admin­is­tration building in Süder­strasse – to offset work stress. At the Hamburg headquarters we operate a leisure centre that offers about 35 courses per week, fitness equipment, a swimming pool, a large gymnasium, a squash court, a foosball table, billiard tables and table tennis, as well as a bowling alley. A break and relax­ation lounge has also been redesigned, with features including massage chairs where employees can recharge their batteries. On average, around 350 Tchibo employees, family members and pensioners use the leisure centre's services every day. 

At our logistics site in Gallin, we offer our employees the option of mobile massages at their workplace. Our employees in the sales force and in the Tchibo shops receive discounts, e.g. on Germany-wide fitness programmes. In 2017, Tchibo cooperated with the Gruner & Jahr publishing house to offer its employees, for the first time, a fitness programme in conjunction with a diet scheme designed by the women’s magazine brand BRIGITTE. As part of the cooper­ation, employees received four weeks of free partic­i­pation in the BRIGITTE online diet & fitness programme and receive expert tips on exercise, motivation and regen­er­ation.

My Nutrition

We round off the Tchibo health concept for our employees with a balanced, fresh and sustainable diet. Food is freshly prepared each day at the Nordlicht staff restaurant at the Hamburg headquarters, and in the staff restau­rants at the production and logistics sites. The Nordlicht has included a ‘KlimaTeller’ (Climate Special) on its menu every week since 2012. In these specials, meat and dairy products – which have a high carbon footprint as their production produces a lot of green­house gas emissions – are substi­tuted with climatic-neutral dishes. Through this measure alone, we have already saved a total of 105.80 tons of CO₂ equiv­a­lents. We also host theme weeks to encourage our employees to choose healthy, light meals, and to transfer this inspi­ration into their personal lives as well. In 2017, we also intro­duced a BRIGITTE diet special at the Nordlicht. Under the heading ‘Genuss mit Leichtigkeit’ (‘Light and Delicious’), the City Nordlicht restaurant offers a BRIGITTE diet meal every day for one week. Also in 2017, we first intro­duced the offer of nutri­tional consulting for our employees – individ­ually and in group sessions.

In January 2018, for example, our employees were invited to learn how to practice healthy nutrition in the daily routine in six Monday meetings at the Nordlicht restaurant. The German broad­caster NDR's ‘Nutrition Docs’ prepared healthy dishes under various mottoes. We also expanded our tradi­tional Christmas special: on request, Tchibo employees can request a vegan alter­native to the classic gift of a Christmas roast.

Facil­i­tating a healthy work-life balance

As a family-friendly company, we support employees in achieving a healthy work-life balance. We gear our offerings to the individual needs of our employees and their require­ments at different stages of their lives. We define ‘family’ to mean all domestic partner­ships where social respon­si­bility is assumed long-term. In other words, this includes parents, children, spouses/long-term partners, siblings, and grand­parents.

For our commitment to a healthy work-life balance, we were the first retail company in Germany to be certified as a ‘family-conscious employer’ by berufund­familie Service GmbH, an initiative by the non-profit Hertie Foundation. In 2013, we were recer­tified until August 2016, and in June 2017 we were audited and certified as a ‘family-conscious employer’ for the third time.

At our company, we apply the principle of trust-based working hours, because for us what counts is an employee’s actual perfor­mance, not the time they spend in the office. All employees, including managers, have the option of working part-time. A company agreement on working from home provides added flexi­bility. Job-sharing models and sabbat­icals are also possible.

In the New Workplaces@Tchibo pilot project, we also created new work environ­ments, in the form of Creative, Commu­ni­cation, Work and Quiet zones. The employees no longer sit at a fixed place, but choose their workstation flexibly and depending on the project they are working on. Because this concept proved its merit in the Coffee Marketing, Cafissimo and Non Food depart­ments, in 2017 we imple­mented it for the Corporate Respon­si­bility and Human Resources depart­ments as well.

Care of children and relatives

Our ‘connection concept’ facil­i­tates our employees’ return to work after parental leave. We also support parents with childcare, by providing 43 day-care spaces at the child-care centres we work with near the Hamburg headquarters. 

We have worked closely with pme Familienservice Gmbh for many years in order to meet the various family require­ments that our employees face during their working life as adequately as possible. pme Familienservice provides consul­tation on all childcare-related matters and helps with sourcing emergency care. Together with the holiday camp provider kidz-playground, we offer our employees holiday programmes for their children from the age of six three times a year.

pme Familienservice also advises our employees on the subject of caring for family members and helps them source care services. To provide even better assis­tance to our employees in recon­ciling work and the care of relatives, in November 2016, we intro­duced the position of a ‘Work and Care Compat­i­bility Guide’ to advise our employees. The initiative for having such an officer as the first point of contact in companies was put forward by the Hamburg Alliance for Families, a consortium made up of the Hamburg Senate, Chambers of Commerce and Chambers of Trades and Crafts.