Securing the company’s success with dedicated staff

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Since the family-owned business was founded in 1949, people have been at the heart of Tchibo. Tchibo founder Max Herz firmly believed that motivated, well-qualified employees are a company’s most important asset. This conviction still forms the foundation of a corporate culture whose hallmarks are openness and dialogue. We have codified values such as trust, relia­bility, and open, honest inter­action in the Tchibo DNA. The intro­duction of the ONE Tchibo CEO agenda in 2017 shifted this claim even more into the spotlight.

To put this claim into action, we need the expertise, passion, commitment, and team spirit of our employees. Each individual contributes to our company’s success – together we form an effective Tchibo team. That is why our key concern is to recruit the best, retain them long-term, and keep rekin­dling their passion and perfor­mance. As a respon­sible employer, we offer our employees a varied working environment and attractive devel­opment oppor­tu­nities, and help them achieve a good work-life balance. We promote personal dialogue – across hierar­chical levels – and create a wide range of ways for our employees to get involved/help shape the business by practicing active listening and giving them our respect and trust.

In 2017, Thomas Linemayr, Chairman of the Board of Management, launched Agenda ONE Tchibo. The aim of this agenda is to do our work in a more agile, simpler way, and to focus even more strongly on our customers. This presup­poses that we see ourselves as a team across divisions and act as such. As a team, we want to inspire and inspire our customers. To this end, it is important that we always keep an eye on their concerns in all areas of the company and regularly determine what moves them and where we can become even better.

Recruiting and retaining dedicated employees

We live in a dynamic, rapidly changing society, and as a globally inter­con­nected trading company must constantly develop, antic­ipate changes, and respond quickly. The demands on our employees are accord­ingly high. We challenge them and encourage them to keep rethinking things, try out new approaches, take the initiative, and shoulder respon­si­bility. Because if our people are passionate about their work, we can ensure our success and deliver on our aspiration of inspiring our customers anew each day.

In view of demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers, one of Tchibo’s key concerns is to attract new and skilled employees to Tchibo. At the same time, we want to keep strength­ening the skills of our experi­enced employees and retain them at our company. Our in-house education and training measures are an important success factor.