Awards & Rankings

Recog­nition for our commitment

Awards and rankings confirm that we have once again made good progress on the way to becoming a 100% sustainable business. At the same time, we see them as an incentive to continue to work on achieving our sustain­ability goals.



Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeit­spreis e.V.

German Sustain­ability Award Large Company

(Deutscher Nachhaltigkeit­spreis Großun­ternehmen)

The judges of the German Sustain­ability Award named Tchibo the Most Sustainable Large Company of 2016. The judges commended Tchibo for its pioneering role and its voluntary commit­ments and efforts in the Consumer Goods sector.2016

Die Verbraucher Initiative e. V.

Gold and silver ‘Sustainable Retail Company’ 2015 medals

In 2015 the Verbraucher Initiative e. V. recog­nised Tchibo as a sustainable retailer: Tchibo won a ‘gold’ award in the textiles and footwear category, and ‘silver’ in food as a sustainable retail company for its commitment to sustain­ability.


Reader’s Digest

Most Trusted Brand

In the 2015 annual Reader's Digest magazine study Tchibo was once again named the Most Trusted Brand with regard to its commitment to sustain­ability (Customers and Products).2015
Deutsche Umwelthilfe e. V.

Green Card for Climate Commitment

In 2016, the German environ­mental organ­i­sation Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. awarded Tchibo its fifth consec­utive ‘Green Card for credible climate awareness’ for its resolute fleet policy to reduce green­house gases (Mobility).


(every year since 2012)

B.A.U.M. e. V.

Environ­mental Award

The B.A.U.M. (Bundes­deutscher Arbeit­skreis für Umwelt­be­wusstes Management e. V.) ‘Environ­mental Award’ honours dedicated individuals. Achim Lohrie, Director Corporate Respon­si­bility, Tchibo GmbH, received the 2014 B.A.U.M. ‘Environ­mental Award’ in the Large Companies category. In its citation, the jury said: “Achim Lohrie has decisively helped to anchor environ­mental protection and social respon­si­bility as key elements in Tchibo’s business strategy.” (Respon­sible Corporate Gover­nance; Aspiration, strategy and management)


Die Verbraucher Initiative e. V.


Gold medal for sustain­ability commu­ni­ca­tions in retail

In 2015 the Verbraucher Initiative e. V. awarded Tchibo a Gold medal for its credible, compre­hensive, consumer-friendly and compre­hen­sible sustain­ability commu­ni­ca­tions.

(Respon­sible consumption)


European Commission

European CSR Award

In 2013 the European Commission honoured Tchibo at the first presen­tation of its European CSR Awards. This award combines national CSR awards and highlights the European dimension of corporate respon­si­bility (Sustain­ability Management; Mission, Strategy and Control).


German federal government

CSR Award


In 2013 the German federal government awarded its first CSR Award under the patronage of Federal Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen. Among the partic­i­pating companies Tchibo came first in the category of companies with more than 5,000 employees, for the fact that “it already fully aligns its business towards sustain­ability and social respon­si­bility, and in doing so takes the entire value chain into consid­er­ation.” (Respon­sible Corporate Gover­nance; Aspiration, strategy and management)2013

German Logistics Associ­ation (BVL)

Logistics Sustain­ability Award


Tchibo’s commitment to sustain­ability and climate protection across the value chain - from resource use to the production of the products and disposal - was awarded with the Sustain­ability Award for Logistics 2013 by the German Logistics Associ­ation (BVL), and its Austrian counterpart. (Respon­sible Corporate Gover­nance; Aspiration, strategy and management)2013

German Business Ethics Network (DNWE)

Prize for Corporate Ethics

Every two years, the German Business Ethics Network (DNWE) awards the Business Ethics Award to exemplary initia­tives. In 2012, Tchibo won the award for its efforts on the path towards becoming a sustainable business, especially in the area of ​​consumer goods. The award was primarily for our ‘WE’ program, an innovative approach to asserting socially respon­sible production in devel­oping countries (Sustainable and trans­parent supply chains).2012
Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ)

Finalist in the ‘Family as a Success Factor’ company compe­tition

The ‘Erfol­gs­faktor Familie 2012’ (‘Family as a Success Factor 2012’) company compe­tition, which is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), is awarded to the most family-friendly companies in Germany. Tchibo reached the final with its pilot project for individual working hours at the logistics site in Gallin (Balance).



Fashion Revolution
Fashion Trans­parency Index
Tchibo ranks 18th among the world's 150 largest clothing retailers.2018
WWF, Solida­ridad and Pesticide Action Network
Sustainable Cotton Ranking
Tchibo ranks 2nd among the 75 largest cotton-processing companies worldwide.2017
Textile Exchange

Organic Cotton Market Report

Preferred ­Fibres­ and Materials Benchmark 2017

According to the non-profit organ­i­sation Textile Exchange’s 2015 ‘Organic Cotton Market Report’, Tchibo is the third-largest vendor of organic cotton worldwide. Tchibo is the world's eight fastest in the ‘Race to the Top’ in the transition from conven­tional to organic cotton. Since 2008, the company has regularly offered textiles made from/with certified organic cotton. The goal is to obtain 100 % of its cotton from sustainable sources.

Our share of cellulose-based chemical fibres from more sustainable sources earned us 5th place inter­na­tionally in the Textile Exchange’s ‘Preferred Fibres and Materials Benchmark 2017’.

Institute for Economic Research (IÖW) und future e.V.

Ranking of Sustain­ability Reports 2015

Tchibo’s Sustain­ability Report 2014 placed 6th in the 2015 ranking of sustain­ability reports.


Sustain­ability Image Score

In the Servi­ceplan agency’s 2015 ‘Sustain­ability Image Score’ (SIS) ranking, Tchibo came 13th out of 104 companies surveyed, up three places compared to 2014 and 16 compared to 2013. The ranking is based on an online survey of about 8,500 consumers (Respon­sible consumption).


Top employer

In WirtschaftsWoche magazine’s 2014 ranking of ‘Top Employers’, Tchibo was once again voted among the top 40 employers by the target group of under-40s. Its engaged recruiting efforts contributed signif­i­cantly to the positive perception of the magazine's readers (Talent management).

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Wood & Paper company survey

Since 2003, WWF has regularly surveyed large companies regarding the source of their wood products. In, 2012 Tchibo won second place in the ‘Mail order retailers’ category for its use of certified wood and paper products (Sustainable resources and products).2012